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No books can tell how Lowchen started. Some theory advise that it’s the Toy Poodle’s founding breeds where it started in Germany, France and the rest of Northern Europe. Then again, one theory tells that it originated from the Mediterranean area, where it’s part of the Bichon breed. No matter what its breed, this dog is truly a friendly dog.

Its English translation of its German term is ‘Lion Dog’. In contrast to its ferocious name, these dogs only are lion-like just when it comes to physical appearance. Its little body is covered with a curly and thick coat. Your pet will only appear to have a mane much like a lion once you trim its coat. Their body is comparatively short body but well proportioned while their head is wide. They have lovely, round eyes. They have pendulant ears where it’s hard to see because it is covered with their fur and their nose is dark.

They are actually very gentle and warm in nature. They can lighten up the atmosphere of your home other than being normally happy and bright. More than that, being easy going, sensible, and low key add up to their characteristics. They are friendly almost to everyone thus you can be assured that this little bundle of joy will bring cheer to the household. They can be timid sometimes especially with strangers. Lowchen dogs want to get the attention and affection of their masters most of the time, and that’s the reason why they are considered to be affectionate and sensitive. They also show obedience to their master because they also want to please them. If they are not socialized enough, shyness and suspiciousness may set in. They are highly trainable and very quick in picking up new tricks. You can show these by having your pet have an obedient test, and you will be surprised with the high scores.

On top of that, both for children and adults, they could be a great pet to them. This dog can match itself even though your household has other dogs even before they arrive. When it comes to coping with other pets, there will be no problems. They also tend to establish that sense of attachment to the person who takes proper care of them. Lowchens could be affectionate however they can be tough and fearless at times. They are able to attack those who are threatening their family and area despite size differences. Usually, they resort to barking when there are burglars in your house. This then make them a great choice for a watch dog.

Dog breed lowchen, like any other dogs, loves performing various activities. Strolling, hiking, and running are just some of those that they love to do every day. One important thing that could make your dog happy is getting outside the house to spend spare time with him. Discovering things is something that they would like to do which you may find very funny to watch at when this inquiring little clown do this thing. Also, they usually chase small critters like squirrels so better place them on leash. Often, they could be problem diggers and problem barkers, so letting them go through an obedience training is very important. A Lowchen should not be left alone for an extended period of time or else they may snap and be destructive. It is then not a good suggestion to just leave them outside or in a kennel.

As they have a long coat, they would need frequent brushing. Shedding can happen but to reduce it to a minimum, proper grooming can help a lot. At some point of time, this breed almost dealt with extinction. Great thing that their breed is more secured now. Then again, finding this breed is still hard.