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In the animal kingdom, cats are not just the majestic animals which exist. The dog breed, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel dogs, can even have a place in the animal kingdom being a leading mammal. This is simply because this breed came from the United Kingdom and its look is truly like of that of a royalty. This breed of dog is famous for having smooth, silky coat and undocked tail. Many love to go for this dog breed, specifically dog lovers due to the various coat coloring it has such as Blenheim, ruby, tricoloured (black, white, tan) and also the combination of black and tan. Being caring, friendly and active are just what these breeds of dogs are well known for. They love playing with children and follow small animals.

The royal character of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is due to its need of care and grooming regularly. Its soft, silky, wavy coats require proper grooming to avoid matting and knotting. When asking ‘Do Cavalier King Charles Spaniels shed?’ yes they actually do. When its spring and fall season, anticipate that Cavalier King Charles Spaniel shedding of fur will occur. With that, regular combing and brushing of their fur will be actually benefit them.

Well, these dogs have a really loving, patient, and playful characteristics. They’re great to tag along during dog events for they can get along with various types of dogs, even the greater ones. With that being said, they are ideal as an addition to a household with different types and sizes of dogs (just make sure that the other dog breeds are properly trained to be with other dogs). They are highly clever dog breeds that knows well and can easily respond and adapt even if it belongs to a new environment and family. This type of dog likes to be part of people’s lives that’s exactly why they are considered versatile.

Another intriguing fact regarding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is its obedience, curiosity and a sense of fun. They enjoy cuddling up on your lap. Also, there are instances exactly where they have a tendency to keep running around or chasing for something. They can as well go as wild as chasing vehicles when they get an opportunity to take pleasure in the busy streets. They are very friendly that they socialize to anyone even to strangers. Thus, they will never work as great guard dogs. Therefore, they are best to be one’s indoor pets and faithful pals.

These dogs demand personal care as well just like bringing them to pet doctors to avoid health issues.